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Best Guide to Writing a Winning Title for Your Dissertation

Having chosen the topic for the dissertation, you should give it a name. Most researchers do not give the title of the article the attention it deserves. Meanwhile, the title is the hook that allows you to attract the reader. The role of the dissertation title shouldn’t be underestimated. It is the first thing the reader sees. It is well-known that people judge the name of the movie before watching it.

Every day people read a great number of titles, some of which hook attention and make spend time and get acquainted with the content of the article while others don’t attract attention and are left unread. Even if the piece of writing has the brilliant content, nobody will find out about this if there is no an eye-catching title. That’s why one of the main tasks of every student who wants to get the desired degree is to develop a killer title. How to make the process of title creation quick and effective? Let’s have a look at the simple tips that will help you to write an impressive dissertation thesis title.

Key Functions Title Should Perform

The title is written with the definite purpose. There are several functions it should perform. Check out them:

  • Present the main idea of the paper. In just one sentence, you should tell the reader what the paper is going to be about.
  • Make the reader wonder what the content is about. The title should provide the reason why the reader should spend time for reading this paper instead of doing some other things.
  • Catch the reader’s attention.

If you find the title able to perform the above-mentioned key functions, it will be really great!

Guidelines for Writing a Great Dissertation Title

When writing a title, first you may think of the working title. During the process of work, you will be able to change it. The working and the final versions may differ as making a research you can change the direction of your dissertation paper. This often happens when students start considering a certain topic from the one angle and then understand that it is better to have a deeper look at another issue. Until you finish your dissertation you can tailor your title to the needs of the paper several times. Use the following tips when creating a title for your thesis:

  • The degree of accuracy and clarity of the title depends on the scientific field. For example, in technical, natural and economic sciences, the problem or result of scientific research should be stated concretely, clearly and simply – respectively, and the title should be simple and precise. As for the social sciences, such as philosophy and sociology, the scientific paper can be multifaceted, giving rise to double and triple meanings, and this can be reflected in its title.
  • Too long titles should be avoided. It should briefly state the content of the study, and in parentheses or through the colon indicate the object of the study. The title of the dissertation topic should be concise and exactly correspond to the content of the dissertation, the object and the subject of the study while pointing to the area the research. It should be remembered that two or three words in the title of the dissertation look like the student’s abstract. Accordingly, the title of the dissertation title containing six to eight words is optimal.
  • It is necessary to look through the catalog of defended dissertations and get acquainted with the headings of the already finished dissertations or abstracts of dissertations having them as an example.
  • Think of an original title. Even if you continue to research the topic, which has already been well-researched, don’t use the same or similar title. Make it unique and attractive.
  • Make sure your title answer the main question of your dissertation paper.

Checklist for the Finished Title: Can You Put Ticks Next to All 4 points?

  • The title is concise and not too long (up to 15 words)
  • The title clearly reflects the content of the work and not just the field of knowledge.
  • Each word in the title carries a certain semantic load, there are no extra words in it.
  • All words in the title are correct ( pay attention to grammar and spelling)

When writing a title, remember that a successful title will not save a bad dissertation but the low-quality title can do much harm to the good dissertation. Do your best to create an attractive title that will contribute to the success of your dissertation.

Title Examples

21 words, Too Large Title

Long Dissertation Title, 7.1. Medicine

13 Words , Optimal Title Length

Optimal Title Length 3.8 Economics

7 words, Short But Acceptable Length

Acceptable Dissertation Title, 4.6 Inforamtics and Computer Studies

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