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Gun Control Persuasive Essay Sample

Each state, district or region has its own characteristics in the process of legalization of civilian possession of weapons. The legal status in each individual case is in a constant process of change, which makes it possible to argue about the problems of legalizing weapons.

In the United States of America, the principle of carrying and storing weapons is prescribed in legislation, according to which the rights of the population in this matter should not be infringed. And if you believe the experts, one of which is Professor David Mustard, in those American states where weapon is allowed, the number of police killings decreases by 2 % every year.

Employees of the University of Chicago conducted research, the results of which showed that in those regions where hidden weapons are allowed, the crime rate is much lower than in the rest. For example, the number of murders decreased by 33 percent, crimes related to the infliction of grievous bodily harm – by 14 percent, and robberies decreased by 37 percent. But, in addition to this, in the same states, ordinary citizens kill several times more criminals than the police do.

For two decades, in 1973-1992, the number of murders in America has decreased by 10 %. The number of weapons increased by 73 % – to 222 million barrels. The number of people who own weapons is 78 million. In the same US states where it is prohibited by law to carry weapons, twice as many crimes are committed.

Since weapons were allowed in Florida in 1987, the crime rate has fallen by 21 percent, while at the same time it has increased by 12 percent in the country. In such large cities as Washington, New York, Detroit and Chicago, approximately 1/5 of the total number of murders is committed, and this is even despite the fact that the legislation here is strictly against civilian carrying of weapons. In Washington, the ban on carrying and acquiring weapons has been in effect since 1976, as a result, the crime rate has increased threefold. According to statistics for 2004, about 36 murders per 100,000 citizens were committed here, while in nearby Arlington, where you can carry a weapon, the figure is about 2 murders for the same number of people.

If you believe the statistics of the FBI, then, since the mid-1990s, the number of cases where firearms were used has been significantly reduced. The peak of its use was recorded in 1993 (about 40 thousand cases). According to statistics, those who have firearms are much less likely to become victims of crime, and using it as a means of self-defense very rarely ends in actual use (on average, this figure is 1 % of the total number of such cases).

Some state laws allow you to have weapons, but only at home, which has led to an increase in street violence, with the majority of victims being pensioners and women. But as soon as the right to bear arms was restored, the crime rate is gradually decreasing. In addition, in some states, possession of weapons is mandatory. Georgia is one of them, where the law requires each person to have at least one small gun at home. And in states such as Alaska and Vermont, there are no restrictions on licensing the purchase and carrying of weapons, so it is in free circulation.

Very interesting is the situation with the legalization of firearms in Switzerland. There, everyone who goes into the reserve from the army has the right to retain weapons. Moreover, the government not only does not prohibit the acquisition of weapons, but also welcomes this. Currently, approximately 3000000 firearms are in free possession, despite the fact that the population of the country is only 6 000000 people! During the military conscription, each future soldier receives an M-57 rifle that can be stored at home and more than two dozen sets of ammunition for it. After the retirement age, this rifle is rented, and in return, they get pump guns. Despite the fact that women do not have to have a weapon, the authorities strongly encourage them to acquire a gun to be armed to the teeth. To my mind, it is necessary to have some control before allowing a person to have gun. This should be at least a simple examination of the qualified psychologist because without any control it will be really fearful to go outside. My final verdict is that the gun control should be executed.

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