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HonorSociety Membership Review

The HonorSociety.org foundation is an international honor society that recognizes as well as rewards achievements among learners as well as alumni in all disciplines of education. Furthermore, the Honor Society is among the most expansive global academic societies in terms of its scope as well as membership. The international presence, as well as a good corporate image, is the primary strength of the HonorSociety.org organization. Furthermore, the HonorSociety.org organization offers its members ceremonies, conferences, experiential learning programs as well as graduation regalia.
Today, the Honor Society’s online platform offers its members a chance to portray its achievements as well as connect with corporations and institutions of higher learning. Today, among the top honorary members of the HonorSociety.org organization include Antonio Villaraigosa – the former Mayor in the State of Los Angeles as well as Cobi James – a top American Soccer World Cup sportsman. The following HonorSociety.org review provides a comprehensive understanding of the organization as well as its functions to its members situated in different parts of the world.

Organization’s Mission

honorsociety.org review
The organization’s mission is to facilitate members with a chance to achieve their highest potential. Specifically, that is through offering them a chance to advance their academics, networking as well as leadership skills. By joining the Honor Society, members achieve a recognized distinction as a competent person who can excel in different parts of the national economy. Honor Society members secure access to scholarships, academic and professional distinctions, health and dental discount plans as well as career insider guide tools and books. Members of the Honor Society also attain dining discounts in approximately 18,000 restaurants situated in different parts of the world.

HonorSociety.org Overview

Honorsociety overview
A review of sites ranking on the sitejabber.com website illustrates that the Honor Society’s website has a very high ranking. Additionally, that is because the HonorSociety.org boasts a customer satisfaction rating of 4.91 stars. The high rating indicates that most consumers who provide online reviews are satisfied with the organization’s services. Furthermore, the sitejapper.com reviews illustrated that the HonorSociety.org website ranks 11th among other top educational sites. Subsequently, this portrays that the Honor Society is among the most popular organizations in the world. Such popularity confirms the legitimacy of the Honor Society organization in promoting different types of excellence among society members.
Organisation Name HonorSociety.org, Inc.
Mission “Our mission is to help you succeed. We connect you with people and opportunities to help you achieve your goals.”
Membership Cost $60 semiannual
Membership Registration
Address 1025 Connecticut Avenue, NW • Suite 1000 • Washington, DC 20036
  • memberservices@honorsociety.org membership requests
  • universityrelations@honorsociety.org copywrite requests
Phone 1-866-313-6311 (9AM – 9PM EST Daily)

Scholarships $70,000

The HonorSociety.org generously offers over $70,000 annually in scholarship funds or awards to its registered members. Such scholarships are offered to enhance learners’ collegiate experiences and in covering programs like study abroad research and opportunities. Also, the HonorSociety.org gives a comprehensive directory of scholarships from third party sponsors. Also, the organization gives five annual scholarships directly to its member base. The five stated scholarships include members spotlight scholarships, graduate achievers scholarships, undergraduate achiever scholarship as well as community service scholarships.

Members of the HonorSociety.org can apply for scholarships offered by the organization by registering at https://premium.honorsociety.org/page/scholarships. The scholarships are open to all members of the organization, and they are awarded based on the applicants’ merits and academic performance. For any questions regarding the HonorSociety.org scholarships, individuals can contact the support team via calls or email. The organization’s support staff is available 24/7 to offer assistance and clarifications to the public.

HonorSociety Review
Source: facebook.com, Sofia profile.

Career Management

The HonorSociety.org organization gives career management tools to its participants, to help them in researching industries, preparing for job opportunities, and in finding internships or careers. Furthermore, the HonorSociety.org offers its members a chance to create robust profiles that detail their academics, work experience, and abilities that can be matched to career opportunities. Such profiles are also available to corporations with interest in hiring learners and professionals. Additionally, through the HonorSociety.org profiles, learners have the potential to connect with higher learning programs in a range of fields of their choice.

The proprietary online platform is considered to be a key differentiator or benefactor of the HonorSociety.org organization. Also, apart from recognition, the Honor Society organization forms and retains partnerships with large corporations or job focused services that are meant to give the HonorSociety.org registered members diverse opportunities and privileges in the job market. Such partnerships are inclusive of the collaboration with Vault as a strategy that provides an in-depth career guide a well as a profile for job postings.

Member Partnerships and Benefits

The HonorSociety.org is ranked to be among the most comprehensive sets of advantages and privileges of any type of an honor society. In this case, some of the advantages that the organization gives to its members include:

  1. Textbook Discounts
  2. Internship and employment listings
  3. Company profiles and career guides
  4. Test preparation course discounts
  5. Scholarship opportunities


HonorSociety.org largely recognizes intellectual achievements both in the online and offline modes. The organization’s members also enjoy access to graduation regalia like medallions, honor cords as well as stoles. Also, in the HonorSociety.org, members attain a membership certificate and also go through an induction ceremony, whereby they join as registered members. Furthermore, online, the HonorSociety.org members have a chance to create a comprehensive professional and academic profile, which is shown publicly to search engines and corporations alike.

Members of the HonorSociety.org also benefit from the company’s recognition as well as reputation management by recognizing as well as valuing the aspect of positive branding that the organization offers its members. Particularly, that is when corporations, as well as individuals, search on the internet. Furthermore, membership in the HonorSociety.org is recognized in terms of tiers based on a learner’s GPA. Subsequently, this permits high achieving learners to attain additional recognition with the HonorSociety.org society.

Experiential Education

The HonorSociety.org organization facilitates the implementation of experiential education to all its members through coordinating annual leadership programs and summits as well as annual membership trips. Furthermore, HonorSociety.org partners with other organizations like Think Impact as well as Dream Careers in providing a range of opportunities to its followers. Also, the HonorSociety.org organization organizes member trips to promote the participants’ networking as well as educational opportunities. In most cases, such member trips are planned during holidays during the summer and winter break, and they are created to enhance learners’ academic pursuits.

Certificates and Frames

honorsociety.org certificate
Source: https://www.diplomaframe.com/
After induction, all members of the organization are offered certificates to mark their participation. Also, the organizations provide their members with a range of attractive frames, which they can use with the certificates. The frames have beautiful finishing with the HonorSociety logo featured on them. Furthermore, the certificates are internationally recognized, and they can be an addition to a client’s achievement portfolio when developing curriculum vitae.


The HonorSociety.org organization is an accredited member of organizations. The organizations that are involved with the HonorSociety.org organizations include:

honor society accreditation

Progress and Legitimacy

HonorSociety.org is a network. The organization is made up of a group of high achievers as well as pioneers of various industries in the world. As a general public, it is basic to characterize what the organization’s identity is as well as what drives the organization. Also, as the organization’s performance continues to develop, it has continued to invite new individuals from the general public each year. Today, when deciding to join a respectable society, it is imperative to select an organization like the HonorSociety, which is perceived to offer genuine advantages to members of the public.

HonorSociety.org was built up as an innovation as well as an advantage-driven organization focused on promoting the performance of current society. In the past, the HonorSociety.org joined forces with selective administrations to provide learners with the devices to succeed. Specifically, this is by incorporating sponsored test-prep courses, unknown dialect classes, vocation aides, as well as occupation postings in identifying the right people to be members of the organization.

Honorsociety.org Chapters

From HonorSociety.org:

The Honor Society Foundation campus chapter program helps build a vibrant academic community of high achievers on campuses across the United States. Our chapters represent a diverse cross-section of universities from private schools, to large state universities, to community colleges. Members lead important initiatives and spearhead elevated discussion, networking and events. Take a look at the campuses that have been founded and chartered below. The chapters below have been established and officially recognized by the universities below and may or may not be currently active. Check with your student affairs department or contact our chapter team for more information about specific chapters. Don’t see your campus? Take the initiative to start a chapter, and join our founder’s circle.
University of Houston East Carolina Universtiy
University of Nevada, Las Vegas Pennsylvania State University
University of Illinois- Chicago Capital University
Fort Valley State University DeVry University at North Brunswick
University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign NCCU
Virginia Commonwealth University St. Cloud State University
Northern Arizona University CSU East Bay
Illinois State University Old Dominion University
University of Alabama UNCC
Colorado State University Texas A&M
Clemson Washington State University
Mississippi State University Lamar University
Wichita State University Mississippi Valley State University
University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee West Virginia State University
CUNY Borough of Manhattan University of Hawaii at Manoa
Wayne State University College of Marin
Texas A&M University – Central Texas Arizona State University
Georgia Tech University Hardin Simmons University
Missouri State University University of Colorado Denver
University of Houston – Clear Lake


The Honor Society organization has a museum that is dedicated to preserving as well as enhancing the illustrations of more than 200 honor societies that have existed in the past three centuries. At the museum, learners can gain information on the past cultural phenomena that aided in shaping the academic organization in the past centuries. The Honor Society’s Museum in the future is likely to save the rich history of what reputable scholars and academia of the past talked about. The exhibition hall in the museum features antiques originating from past centuries in respect to social orders, with items that include watch keys, solicitations, pocket watches, confirmations as well as individual photographs of respectable society individuals in the past.

To date, the Honor Society Museum has displayed items that go back to the 17th Century. The relics communicate to the various ways individuals portray their alliance with their general public. Additionally, that is from keys of the past times to respectable stories of today that showcase pay tribute to the pride that high achieving individuals have held over the years through high excellence in the academic arena.

Philanthropic Activities

The HonorSociety.org has also been involved in philanthropic activities in supporting smaller foundations that promote society’s empowerment in different parts of the world. From spearheading large scope national pledge drives to local drives for those out of luck, generosity is considered to be excess of an idea to the HonorSociety.org organization. In 2015, the organization and its members gave more than $20,000 to organizations like the American Red Cross as a way of helping with aid ventures for persons afflicted with Ebola and the Tibet earthquakes. As such, the Honor society is among the most generous organizations today in supporting various humanitarian activities in different parts of the world.

Refund Policy

Copied from HonorSociety.org:

“It’s simple. For the first 90 days we guarantee you a full, “no hassle” refund. If you don’t feel we are helping you succeed, we will gladly refund you.

Investing in an Honor Society membership is one of the best gifts to yourself or a loved one. $60 every six months, equals $10 a month, yet the membership provides members like you with access to valuable benefits, and priceless community and networking opportunities. Honor Society is a community that exists first and foremost to help like-minded achievers build relationships with similar goal-oriented people. It may sound like a frivolous pursuit to some, but building a genuine goal-oriented network and meaningful relationships is extremely hard, and that’s our main focus for members like you. We recognize and connect members for upholding the values that Honor Society holds in high esteem: leadership, community service, academic and professional excellence, and making a difference in the world. We aim to reward, utilize and grow these skill sets, as each member has a specific strength they bring to the table. Honor Society exists to recognize and empower members to achieve. Your success and satisfaction as a member is always our top priority.

Memberships can be canceled and refunded as desired according to our Membership Satisfaction Guarantee. Our primary function is to add value to your academic and professional career, and if you don’t feel we are helping you succeed, we will gladly refund you.

Our membership is aimed to enhance member success. We are here to help you succeed, and if you’re not happy, we will give you your money back. We guarantee you will be satisfied with your Honor Society membership. If you’re not, just let us know within 90 days, and you will receive a full refund. For help or more information, feel free to contact Honor Society member services.

HonorSociety.org FAQ

Copied from honorsociety.org

What are the HonorSociety.org Core Values?

HonorSociety.org is a community. We are a family of high achievers and leaders. As a society, it is essential to define who we are and what drives us. As our community grows and we welcome new members to our society each year, it is important to take a moment to explicitly outline the values that we live by and make decisions with.

These are the ten core values that we live by:

  1. Pursue Excellence
  2. Innovate and Drive Change
  3. Embrace Knowledge and Intellectual Pursuits
  4. Seek Growth and Progress
  5. Be Bold, Creative, and Open-Minded
  6. Pursue Leadership and Take Initiative.
  7. Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit
  8. Do More With Less
  9. Be Passionate and Determined
  10. Be Humble

How do I apply for scholarships?

For scholarship opportunities, please visit https://premium.honorsociety.org/page/scholarships. We offer exclusive HonorSociety.org Scholarships as well as an extensive Scholarship Directory. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Can I get regalia for graduation?

Yes! Regalia items are available for all active members, but not included in the Honor Society membership dues. This is simply done in order to keep the member dues as low and streamlined as possible.
Honor Society grad packs, medallions, honor cords and stoles are available exclusively for members by following this link: https://www.honorsocietystore.org/

If you have questions regarding Honor Society Store order status or products, please contact our store partner, Goldner Associates:
Toll Free: 1-844-874-9788 (M-F 8:30am – 6:00pm EST)
Fax: 615-726-2772
E-mail: CustomerService@goldnerassociates.com

Member certificate and diploma frames are also available at our branded Church Hill Classics page: http://www.diplomaframe.com/hsor/store.aspx

We also encourage you to get your certificate!

There are two options to receive your member certificate.
1) To download a free printable PDF version of your certificate please visit https://www.honorsociety.org/certificate-and-frames and click download certificate.
2) You can also purchase a mailed copy of your certificate for $10 with free shipping included.

We’re always here to help. Please let us know if you have additional questions regarding regalia.

How do I access benefits?

To redeem benefits, go to https://premium.honorsociety.org/page/benefits. Click your desired benefit then click redeem benefit. The next page will provide you with the code and redemption instructions.
The next benefits available now:

  1. Hertz Car Rental Discounts & Travel Perks
  2. Career Insider Premium Access
  3. Honor Society Honor Cords & Tassels
  4. Honor Society Certificate Frames
  5. Careington Dental Plan
  6. EyeMed Vision Care
  7. HearPO – Hearing Care
  8. QualSight – LASIK Vision Correction
  9. Premier Admissions Consulting by Accepted.com
  10. Learn How to Code – Bloc Developer Bootcamp
  11. FAFSA.com – Student Financial Aid Services
  12. Church Hill Classics, Expertly Crafted Diploma Frames & Recognition Gifts.
  13. 20% off Teleflora Flowers – Nationwide Delivery by Local Florists
  14. Greek Gear – Fraternity and Sorority Clothing, Gifts & Merchandise
  15. Think Impact Abroad Institute Program
  16. Complete Bartending Course & Certification
  17. Princeton Review Test Prep Courses
  18. Woodwind & Brasswind
  19. Lonely Planet Travel Guides

What is HONORSOCIETY.ORG 08884521228 DC?

This charge is the Honor Society member dues payment which is $60, once every 6 months. Your satisfaction is always our priority. If you are not interested in renewing, simply contact our member services team to receive a “no hassle” refund within 90 days of the charge. Often times this subscription was created by another member of your household, such as children or your spouse. Please check to ensure they no longer desire the membership before discontinuing.

Can you waive my dues?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member! Honor Society has one simple and affordable membership plan. The semiannual membership dues are $60. We are uncompromisingly driven by our community core values and funded by members just like you, ensuring that our sole focus is best serving our members. As such, we can not waive member dues. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Investing in an Honor Society membership is one of the best gifts to yourself or a loved one. The $60 dues equals out to $10 a month, yet the membership provides access to valuable benefits, priceless community and networking opportunities. The dues are also used to license exclusive services at no extra cost to society members and to fund select scholarship opportunities. This includes our exclusive job and internship boards, best in class industry and career guides, dental and health discounts nationwide, restaurant discounts nationwide, access to apply for our cash back Honor Society Rewards Visa card and much more. The value of these resources is much more than the cost of membership. Many of these benefits are exclusive to members and others would cost prohibitively more if purchased individually, but as a society we are able to negotiate special pricing with trusted partners. Honor Society membership is a nationally recognized designation with exclusive privileges valued at much more than membership dues ensuring that membership is worth the money.

For more information on the benefits of being a member, please view our prospective members at a glance guide here:

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