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10 Things You Have to Know to Write Argumentative Essay

Sometimes students cannot understand why, when expressing their own opinion, they should not only formulate the opposite point of view on the problem but also find arguments to defend it. The argumentative essay genre requires showing that you are not only able to express the dissenting opinion but also to be always aware of other points of view. That is why you need to present not only arguments in defense of your point of view but also make a research to find out what others think on the same topic.

If you want to write a powerful argumentative essay it is a must to hit the books and find the reliable information for presenting your standpoint. Nobody promises that it will be as easy as ABC but if you follow helpful tips and tricks you will have a possibility to save much time and efforts working on the paper.

Main Features of Argumentative Essay That will Help to Differentiate It

Argumentative essay is a piece of writing on a controversial topic. In other words, this essay defends a certain thesis, where it is necessary to provide arguments “for” and “against.” The main goal of this essay type  is to convince the audience in a certain point of view and to persuade take your side while at the same time you should pay much attention to the opposite position as well.

It is necessary to clearly formulate why this position is preferable than another one. The author, during the essay writing process, conducts a kind of internal dialogue, which includes evaluating statements, proofs and support, assumptions, the hidden arguments and internal contradictions, and comes to the fact that one point of view becomes preferable than others, while other people may initially disagree with it. Argumentative essays address various topics: from social and political to personal topics. The main thing is that there must be at least two reasonable points of view on this topic.

Best Writing Guide to Argumentative Essay

If you want to write a high-quality argumentative essay, you should prepare the detailed outline. Using it you will avoid chaos in your thoughts, which take place often when you brainstorm ideas on the topic and don’t know how to group them properly. Follow the valuable pieces of advice on how to structure your argumentative essay using the plan below. So, the argumentative essay should consist of the following elements:

  • Introduction: This is the beginning of your essay, which should include the formulation of the topic, relevance of the topic, the divergence of views on the same topic. Provide the structure of the topic consideration and write the main judgment.
  • The main part: Working on the main body of an essay, don’t forget to include the judgment (arguments) that the author puts forward. Their number may vary but you should write at least two or three. The main essay part can’t be well-written if you don’t give the definition of the basic concepts used in making judgments. Evidence and support (facts or examples) that support judgments are obligatory for this part of a paper. You should also include the consideration of counterarguments, or opposing judgments. It is necessary to show why these points are weak while the author’s statements are strong.
  • Conclusion: In the final part of an essay, you should provide the repetition of the basic judgment writing one or two sentences summarizing the arguments in defense of the basic proposition. You may also include the general warning about the consequences of rejection of the proposed judgment and the general conclusion about the usefulness of this statement.

How to Organize the Process of Argumentative Essay Writing in 5 Steps?

Each process of writing should be properly organized if you want to succeed. You are offered to look at the important steps you should take following the certain order presented below:

  • Select a good essay topic you want to analyze: Sometimes, teachers assign to write an argumentative essay on a certain topic but in most cases students have the freedom to make this choice on their own. And it is really great as there are a lot of interesting topics to pick up. By the way, at the end of this article, you will find a collection of the most original argumentative topics ideas, among which you will definitely find the best one for you. Give preference to the theme you would like to research.
  • Write a powerful thesis statement: What is a killer thesis? In simple words, it is your opinion that you already have on the topic. Reflect the main idea of your essay in the statement making it clear and concise.
  • Look for the relevant factual information: It is high time to do a research. Look for the relevant pieces of information that can successfully be used to prove your standpoint.  Make sure that the sources can be trusted as you are likely to need providing some factual data. There is no place for a mistake. It is effective to make notes while searching for the information to find the necessary details easily.
  • Make two groups of arguments: You should make a list presenting arguments for both yours and another opinion. This method will help you to analyze them and be more persuasive while taking efforts to persuade the reader that your point of view is worth attention.
  • Find three most powerful arguments: You should work hard on your argumentation. While looking for the good thesis support, you are recommended to focus on three major arguments, which you can prove with the help of factual information. When you are ready with this, have a closer look at the second group of arguments for the opposing point of view. Don’t be surprised if you find similar argumentation points. Consider your list once again and choose those arguments, which sound really hard and will not leave a space for doubts when the reader gets acquainted with your piece of writing.

10 Terrific Things You Should Know for Writing a Killer Argumentative Essay

It is impossible to develop a top quality argumentative essay if you are unaware of the effective tips and tricks, which can minimize the time spent on the preparatory steps that should be taken to create an A paper. Use your chance to improve skills by learning more about things that will definitely be helpful for writing an argumentative essay.

  • Always give preference to the topic you are passionate about.
  • Base your work on facts instead of emotions even if it is really difficult sometimes. By providing hard support for your opinion you will get an emotional feedback from the reader.
  • Be tolerant of the opposing point of view showing the respectful attitude. There is no sense to operate with the emotional adjectives, which can describe the opposing argument like those that aren’t worth attention at all.
  • Start from the arguments of an opponent instead of saying that your standpoint is the only one that seems to be right.
  • Write a killer title for your essay and don’t be afraid to sound shocking and intriguing.
  • Start with the original eye-catching introduction that will hook the reader’s attention immediately.
  • Don’t exaggerate and avoid inventing facts as the reader may look for it on the Internet and find out that you are wrong just in one click. Think of your reputation and use only true facts.
  • Don’t forget about the citation as this is how your teacher will be able to check out that you have studied the information well.
  • It is a great idea to find experts who agree with you and use their words as a support of your opinion. The only thing you should remember doing like this is that you should provide their sayings in the form of quotes only, otherwise, it will seem that you have stolen somebody’s thoughts and your paper will sound like plagiarism.
  • Check out whether your essay sounds really well-argumentative by asking somebody to read it and express an objective opinion.

30 Topics Ideas for Your Argumentative Essay 2018

Don’t spend time on the search for an effective argumentative essay. It is better to save time, which you will have to devote to the research and choose one of the outstanding debatable topics ideas below:

  1. Sale of energy drinks should be banned.
  2. Should universities be neutral in the political issues?
  3. Most cases of violence are the result of the media influence.
  4. E-learning is the most convenient way of getting an education.
  5. Communication via Skype is able to substitute the meeting in the reality.
  6. There must be a law prohibiting to destruct trees.
  7. It is not necessary to believe media.
  8. Children under 3 mustn’t watch TV.
  9. Addiction to brands is a real disease.
  10. It is not right to use parents’ money if you are older than 20.
  11. Each successful man has a woman who inspires him to reach goals.
  12. A lot of famous writers in the genre of horror and fantasy had certain psychological diseases.
  13.  Nowadays people use information as a powerful weapon.
  14. Nobody mustn’t make a person do what he doesn’t want.
  15. Should education in high school be mandatory?
  16. Should all boys go to the army?
  17.  Animals shouldn’t be used for medical trials.
  18.  Drugs shouldn’t be sold online without the prescription.
  19. The death penalty should be in all countries if the person has planned the murder.
  20. It should be forbidden to smoke near colleges.
  21. Children living with one parent often blame everyone in this.
  22. Do informational technologies make people more lonely?
  23. Many people have dependence on mobile phones.
  24. Should computer classes be obligatory for every employee?
  25. The morality level decreases day by day.
  26. Is it better to say the truth to a sick person or lie that he will recover?
  27. Should boxing be watched by teenagers?
  28. Should parents allow everything to small kids under 3?
  29. Should boys present girls flowers each time they have a date?
  30. Do parents have a right to scold kids for smoking if they smoke themselves?

Have a Look at the Argumentative Essay Sample

There is an example on the topic “ Has computer positive or negative influence on children?”

“ Is the computer the best invention ever or the most dangerous one? Without computers, it is impossible to imagine the modern world. They accompany people everywhere: at work, at home, in cars and shops. It is impossible to deny that in some cases the computer is a useful, and even indispensable device. However, it can’t be considered innocuous, especially in relation to children.

Modern children spend a lot of time with computers, using it not only for learning but also for entertainment. With their help, they learn a lot of new things, communicate with different people and engage in creativity. Working with the mouse and using the keyboard contribute to the development of fine motor skills. Computer games develop logical thinking, attention, memory, quick reaction and visual perception. They improve their intellectual skills, learn to think analytically, generalize and classify. But if the computer in the life of the child takes too much time, in addition to benefit, it can cause harm.

Uncontrolled stay of a child at the computer can lead to health problems. First of all, it concerns sight. Viewing images on the monitor causes more eye fatigue than reading. When working on a computer they are in constant voltage, this can lead to myopia. To avoid the problem, it is necessary to accustom the child every 20 minutes to look away from the monitor and within 10 seconds to look at the removed objects, for example, a tree outside the window.

The harm caused by the computer is in the reduction of the physical activity. For normal development, a growing body needs movement. A long stay in front of the monitor in the wrong position can lead to problems with the musculoskeletal system, increased fatigue, and irritability. The child should spend enough time in the fresh air and move. The computer should not completely replace children’s games and activities, for example, drawing, modeling and biking.

No less harmful is the influence of the computer on the child’s psyche, which can also be negative. Computer addiction has become common, especially it affects adolescents. Staying in the network allows them to escape from everyday problems, worries and plunge into another reality, which eventually becomes a substitute for real life. Excessively carried away by computer games the child badly compares virtual and real events. He can put into life what he sees in the monitor. For example, if his favorite hero easily jumps from roof to roof, the child can try to do the same.

Children shouldn’t use computers as they are dangerous for their health. Despite their usefulness for adults, whose work requires using the help of a smart machine, the same intelligent device definitely has the negative impact on the development of children.”

If you were attentive, you could notice that each paragraph of the main body focuses on the new argument against the computer use by children. The introduction starts with the question to intrigue the reader and at the same immediately cause some reaction as the reader will definitely like to discover the answer to the question that was set in the beginning. The author provides persuasive facts supporting them with the examples and the findings of the research that has been made. Use this sample as an example of how to structure an essay.

Reread helpful tips once again if you writing an argumentative essay now and get started! Ready!Steady!Go! Follow the writing guide and write a competitive essay that will impress your teacher.


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