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From A to Z Guide on How to Write a Descriptive Essay

A description is the vital part of any story. It is able to make it much more bright and vivid. When you are assigned to write a descriptive essay, you should make the description your main focus. Use the rich vocabulary to show the reader what you are talking about. Let he smell your morning coffee, see how the sun is shining brightly and can imagine how the person described looks as if he could look at the photo. It is not a piece of cake to create an impressive description, which would not tell but depict.

Writing the descriptive essay, it is necessary to imagine that you are an artist who is going to paint the picture. The only difference is that your only weapon is your vocabulary and imagination. Don’t miss details, which could help to make your piece of writing brighter. Remember that your description can be considered brilliant if the reader could have a clear picture of what was depicted. Make an accent on the senses as they help to reach the necessary effect.

Before you get started, you should check out the guidelines for effective descriptive essay writing. Follow helpful tips and tricks if you want to be sure that your work is able to make a great impression on the teacher.

7 Steps You Should Take When Writing a Good Descriptive Essay

If you organize your work effectively, the process of writing will not seem boring and exhausting anymore. Follow the step-by-step guide to create an outstanding descriptive essay.

Step 1: Brainstorm descriptive essay topics ideas: The very first thing to do is to choose the eye-catching topic. Keep in mind that you will have to concentrate on the descriptive techniques, which is why it is worth considering those topics revealing which you won’t experience the lack of vocabulary. You can write about a person, an object, a place, or describe any event. Choose the most suitable theme, which you can write in the best possible way.

Step 2: Create a topic framework: Think of the strong thesis statement, which aim is to provide the reader with the main idea of your essay. You should do your best to make it brief, informative, and attractive for the reader at the same time.

Step 3: Make an outline and write the draft: First, it is necessary to write a plan of your work, otherwise, it may be disorganized. Take a piece of paper and start brainstorming ideas. Highlight the major essay parts and make several columns where you are going to group your thoughts. After you have finished writing the outline, make sure nothing has been missed in your plan as details play a significant role in the descriptive essay. Start writing the essay draft where you have more freedom expressing your ideas.

Step 4: Write the introductory part of an essay: Don’t hurry to start writing as the role of the beginning is crucial. Nobody will want to continue reading if the introduction doesn’t sound great. Make it original and unique. Be creative thinking about the most suitable sentence for the essay introduction as you have only one chance to grasp the reader’s attention.

Step 5: Write 2-3 paragraphs of the main body: Focus on the main body, which should reflect the main purpose of the whole essay. Provide the vivid details while describing an object, or a person. Bear in mind that your task is to be a painter who draws the picture and shows the reader. Make your description illustrative.

Step 6: Write a conclusion: Finally, you should develop a short essay summary. Keep in mind that the last paragraph of your work will be the reminder of your essay. It is the final accord, which should be powerful. The reader should have a feeling that he didn’t spend time in vain.

Step 7: Proofread an essay: The work on an essay can’t be finished without the proofreading step. You should polish your work by making sure that there are no grammar, spelling, or stylistic errors. If grammar isn’t your strong point, use the automatic grammar checkers, or it is a better idea to ask somebody to read your essay as computer programmes may omit confusing words, which have the similar spelling but different meaning.

Key Tips for Making Your Descriptive Essay Impressive

It is not a secret that a well-written description is a very powerful tool for the brand promotion nowadays. Descriptions can be found everywhere. Every day you are reading descriptions taking a decision whether you need to get the certain good or a service. The quality and brightness of the written description always influence your choice. If you have the necessary descriptive skills, you will be able to catch the attention of your target audience quickly and easily.

If you master effective descriptive techniques, you will be able to use them not only to write a college essay but also to apply them in your future work. So, let’s have a look at the simple tips and tricks on how to present a brilliant description.

  • Don’t tell but show! This means that you should be creative using any language means that will be helpful for understanding. Let your reader plunge into the world of your description. If it is the place, then your reader should feel that he has been there. In case you are portraying a person, then the reader should have a clear picture of his appearance and character. If you are writing about a certain object, then the reader must imagine it clearly. To achieve this goal, you can use figurative language. Comparisons will also help to create the right image. For example, you may write : “The house was over 50 years old” or “ The brick house with cracks resembled the old man with wrinkles. Making the description vivid is the guarantee of success.
  • Read much to enrich your vocabulary. It is impossible to write an outstanding description if you lack words. You should read the high-quality literature to enlarge your vocabulary. Sure, that this process isn’t too quick. That’s why you should use the automatic synonym generators if you need to write a description and want to avoid using the same words several times. Descriptions should include many adjectives and adverbs. Make sure you know how to use them in the correct way.
  • Give preference to essay topics, which are close to you. It is not possible to provide a detailed description if you have never seen something with your own eyes. Write about something you know well. Only in such a way, you will achieve the goal creating a worthy paper.
  • Remember that it is not so important what you are going to describe as it is much more important how you will do this. This is really true as one object can be described in different ways by various writers. One description may sound boring while the same object or place description may be really exciting. Everything depends on how you present your ideas. Use all your imagination and avoid banality.

Hook Examples of Two Most Common Types of a Descriptive Essay

It is not a secret that a picture is worth a thousand words. You can spend much time reading a lot of instructions while it is more effective to have a look at the essay sample. You are offered to read two major types of the descriptions, where the first one is the literary description of nature and another one is the description of a person. Pay attention to the essay format while reading.

Sample 1: The Description of Nature

« March has already sung its melody on the willow pipe and swam from the mountains with the fast streams. Young April changed it and woke up everything around. You can see the rainbow-colored, colorful flowers everywhere. And the very first of them are bright yellow, as if presented by the sun, flowers of spring primrose.

There was a young man walking through meadows, fields, and forests. The sun looked at him in love and threw a handful of sunbeams under his feet. And they touched the ground and turned into golden keys.

The young April took those keys and opened the doors of the earth, in which the youth of nature – spring – flew uncontrollably with a wave of joyful and life-giving warmth, with a bird song and a merry laughter. The young man took the young bride-spring by the hand, went with her on the ground where there are flowers blooming.

Everything comes alive, trembles with love, everything already trembles with a thirst for life. Do you hear? They responded, the swollen buds of a spaghetti wild rose, and the delicate earrings of a birch tree fluttered there, shot up to the sky after the lark. It is impossible to stop that violent stream of life, that joyful renewal of the Earth.”

As you could already guess, this type of description refers to artistic literary descriptions.

Sample 2:  The Description of My Mother

«What could be more sacred in the world than the mother’s name? This is the first word that a person utters, and it sounds in all the languages of the world equally gently. My mother has kind and gentle hands, a sensitive heart, which will not remain indifferent to anything. I always need her affection. And the more I show my love for the mother, the more joyful her life is.

My mother is the sunlight at our home. It doesn’t matter how difficult it is, Mom always smiles. I like watching her smile. Her face is round and dimples on her cheeks are so cute. Her eyes are of the deep blue color, looking in which it seems that you see the blue sky. Hair is always neatly braided and laid in a wreath on her head. Sometimes, she seems so defenseless that I want to approach, embrace and protect her from all troubles and adversities.

My mother is kind. Even when she is angry, she is very fair. She is a true friend, she can be trusted with any secret. Mom not only listens but also helps with advice or sympathizes. She loves to help people because she is merciful and compassionate. She also appreciates humor and likes to joke, but never offends a person, even in jest.

I miss my mother very much if I part with her. I do not have enough of her affectionate smile, her tender hands, her kind heart. My dear mother is the best in the world. The word “life” is also associated with the word “mother”.

Choose the Best Descriptive Topic for Your Essay

The choice of a topic has never been so difficult as the descriptive essay type allows to choose from a wide range of topics ideas. If you feel puzzled and can’t think of any good theme for your essay, you are welcome to look through the original ideas and pick up the one you like most.

  1. Describe the perfect world you would like to live in.
  2. How do you see the world without restrictions?
  3. Describe the ideal wardrobe you would like to have.
  4. What was the perfect trip you have ever had?
  5. How does your father look?
  6. Portray the close friend.
  7. Describe the most favorite painting.
  8. Describe the moment you have experienced something for the first time.
  9. Share the description of the ideal place for living.
  10. Write about the house of your dream.
  11. What can you see outside the room window?
  12.  Describe the season you like most.
  13.  Write about some important memories from your childhood.
  14. Describe the best pastime you have ever had.
  15. How does the perfect outfit for a party should look like?
  16. Describe the toy you loved most being a kid.
  17. What was the best gift you have got from your parents?
  18.  How do you imagine the perfect date?
  19.  Describe staying in a queue for long.
  20.  Choose the photo you like most and describe, which feelings a person has there.
  21. Have you ever wanted to make a tattoo? How would it look like?
  22. Describe the day, which differed from others.
  23. How do you feel being among people you don’t know?
  24. Describe the experience of being in a hospital.
  25. Describe the country you traveled to.
  26. Describe your pet.
  27. Write about your methods to overcome stress effectively.
  28. Describe a place, passing which you feel really scared.
  29. What inspires you most?
  30. Write about the strangest dream you have ever had.

Choosing one of the above-mentioned descriptive essay ideas and following the tips in this article, you will be able to develop a great paper, which will demonstrate your great writing skills.

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  4. After reading the article, it seems that writing a descriptive essay is even enjoyable. Are there any difficulties I am likely to face?

    • The most difficult is to organize your thoughts making the essay bright and clear at the same time. However, if you spend time preparing an outline, you will avoid these difficulties.

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