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Distinctive Features of Research Paper 4 Tips

Research paper is an academic assignment requiring more serious attitude than just a standard essay. It is, not by chance, associated with piles of books you need to read and research. The key purpose of writing a research paper is to find out facts on the topic, consider the expert opinions, and provide your well-grounded point.

This process is similar to the work of a lawyer who, first, looks through a number of similar cases, in order to defend his or her client. The same is here. The very first thing you should do is to gather the relevant materials, which may include books, articles, scientific research, anything that may be useful to ground your own standpoint proving it with strong evidence.

If you have never written research papers and don’t know how to start, follow the tips below and your chances to successfully submit a paper will definitely increase. Be careful and have a closer look at the guidelines that are able to show you the right direction when writing a research paper.

Tips for Writing a Research Paper

Helpful tips that are easy to follow can make the process of writing much more effective. If you take them into account, you will pass your paper with flying colors. Let’s get started:

1. Make notes every time you find useful information

While you are doing research, it is very important to avoid the trap of feeling lost. If you find an article that you especially liked, keep the link to it; otherwise, you can spend a lot of time trying to find it again, thinking that this is the best resource that you could find.

2. Make the introduction convincing

Grab the attention of the reader with interesting statistics, shocking facts or quotes of famous people. In the main part of the research work, the significance of a particular study is discussed. Try to get to the hearts of your readers.

3. Plan the number of words

The general rule is that to spend up to 10 percent of the total number of words on the introduction and conclusion. So, if you know the recommended number of words, you can make appropriate decisions regarding the number of words that will be included in other sections.

4. Take into account the goal of every section

Start with the introduction, which should provide the background information, indicate the research importance, and formulate the main questions that you are going to consider. The methodology should include specific methods that can be used in the study. Discussion of the results of the analysis should establish the relationship between the different facts.

The conclusion should be brief, this is a summary of your research paper. It should be written after the completion of your project. The literature review should include existing opinions on the selected topic. You can format it in the most frequently used annotate bibliography in the format APA. This is not just a list of references as after each citation the short annotation is provided, its aim is to summarize the main ideas expressed there and outline which role they play for your research.

Edit and proofread after you have finished writing: Put off your work for a while, and then go back to it later, with a fresh head. The aim of the editing and proofreading is to eliminate all typos, grammatical and stylistic errors, which can spoil the impression made by the work.

research paper tips

Your research paper should reflect:

  • A clear statement of the essence of the problem,
  • competent formulation of thoughts,
  • independently conducted analysis of the problem using concepts and analytical tools,
  • structuring of information,
  • use of the main categories of analysis,
  • identification of cause-effect relationships,
  • illustrating concepts with appropriate examples,
  • the argumentation of their conclusions, which generalize the author’s and others’ positions on the problem posed,
  • possession of scientific style of speech.

Remember that the research work is a theoretical and applied research of one of the actual problems of the discipline under study, during which the student must demonstrate the level of mastering scientific knowledge, the ability to analyze the material, the ability to formulate and substantiate theoretical and practical conclusions. To succeed in this, it is necessary to choose the topic you know something about or the one you would be glad to investigate. Be ready to hit the books as the process of making a research is a time-consuming process, which can become more effective if to follow the tips above.

The recommendations you can find here aren’t going to shorten the period of time you will have to spend writing a paper but they will guarantee that your efforts won’t be just a waste of time. Learning more about what you are expected to include in your paper, your search for the information will be meaningful and orderly.

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